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Utopia Boutique Hotel.

Not many people know this about me, but I can be a competitive girl.

Whether it’s a family game of SCRABBLE, friendly 5-a-side Netball match with colleagues or gifting in relationships, I play to win.

Booking into the beautiful Utopia Boutique Hotel was my attempt at tackling that last one, and like many other times in this relationship, win I did.

The start to our stay was a little tricky, with me accidentally falling into the pool.

The fall was not easy, I made it out only because I’m a champion. What was going to stop me? My inability to swim? Never! I’m poppin.

Let me tell you, even though I was literally dripping in swag, an all wet look is not easy to pull off.

Things finally picked up when I saw our room.

It’s almost as though the hotel knew how important aesthetics are to me because Utopia outdid themselves in that regard.

The room is stunning, and with so many unique features.

The headboard is a large pillow held to the wall by three leather strings, the side tables are made of wooden planks also held together by two pieces of strong string.


I booked the luxury suite, which costs a little over a thousand dollars per person per night.

I did this because I always prefer to book a room with a work station.

Travel buddy is the kind of person who never really leaves work behind and I enjoy the occasional check in. A work station also makes casually noting things down for my blog much easier.

As if the aesthetic wasn't enough, two complimentary bottles of Merlot (I want to assume the kind of wine changes according to season) were provided to us. I drank them both, obviously. My mother always warned against keeping things bottled up.

Reliable WiFi was the icing on the cake.

Imagine being on vacation and still keeping up with our favorite Mzanzi Magic soapie! The TV in the room allowed for that. We were in heaven, but with a little bit of Brutus and Shaka.

I couldn't decide which between the bathroom and the cozy little balcony was my favourite part of the room. They were both so beautiful!

Having a variety of bath salts provided was a first for me, and they all smelled divine!

The bathroom decor was modern and minimal, and the creative use of wood very impressive.

How pretty is this balcony? (Picture below)

I wasn't even going anywhere but the space was too pretty to go to waste so I got into a pair of thigh highs and took this OOTD (outfit of the day) picture that never made it to the gram.

Everything was to my liking.

We got the rest we so terribly needed with sounds of birds chirping and the peace and tranquility we occasionally crave.

There are however a few areas I feel the Hotel could improve on;

Signage pertaining to the pool.

I remember the receptionist jokingly saying "Don't worry, you're not the only one!" after I explained my pool ordeal. Clients should be made aware, it is really very difficult to notice.

Given the Boutique Hotel identification, service could be a little more personal. Bags carried up, clients referred to by name on the personal welcome note and throughout their stay, perhaps also avail the option for breakfast in bed.

A phone in the room would make for faster, more efficient communication should clients need something done or delivered.

All in all, we had a lovely stay in a stunning hotel with staff who assisted in making my boy's birthday surprise a beautiful one.

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