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The Desert Whisper, worth every penny.

In an effort to ready myself for the life of luxury that awaits me in my forties, I travel in aspiring rich aunt aesthetic sometimes. I pack the huge hat, the large sunglasses and drive off to the kind of destination I'd generally only afford after months of saving up.

One such visit was the one I recently took to Gondwana's latest release, The Desert Whisper.

We arrived three hours early. Ready to be within, you see?

The check-in process was a little complex so I'll try to paint a picture.

Gondwana has four lodges under their desert experience, all of which are conveniently fenced into one large area. Check in for The Desert Whisper happens at one of them, The Namib desert lodge.

This is where our journey began.

Because we were early, we spent quite a bit of time at the Namib desert lodge where Damian, the lodge manager ensured we received only the best. We had a meal and whatever drinks of choice, ON THE HOUSE.

There's nothing I stan harder than a boss who not only prioritizes clients, but understands the value of personalized service.

We had a short chat, a delicious meal and after formal introduction to our host, Riaan, it was finally time to drive up to the Desert Whisper.

When I tell you I was not ready!

I've seen pictures, I've Instagram searched, and the Gondwana staff had warned me about the beauty of the place, but nothing quite prepares you for it.

It is stunning!

My mouth was open all through the room tour.

The decor was minimal but luxurious.

I could smell it, the money, the 8000 Namibian dollars a night, it was here, within.

Nothing was left to chance, everything was intentional.

From the luxury brands of crockery, to the number of board games, books, speakers and binoculars provided for you.

This is the shower.

Just in case you didn’t see the “make me pregnant" clearly enough in the previous picture, here are some others.

The shower was designed for guests to make at least one baby during their stay.

The "lodge" is technically a pod in the middle of the desert (Think of it as an independent candidate of sorts) and only accommodates two people at a time. Staff only comes up for housekeeping and Riaan, the host, is available via telephone on request, so your stay is what you make it.

Ours was romantic.

We settled in, took a couple of snaps for the gram and began to enjoy the views, the food and the drinks we paid for.

The pool area was perhaps my favourite.

The pool is little small, but I think that was intentional. The area also has a bar fridge of its own, stocked with a variety of drinks so we didn't have to carry any down from the room. Convenience, anyone?

If you love alcohol; good, aged, rich and expensive alcohol, The Desert Whisper is definitely the holiday destination for you. The bar was stocked with the finest Whiskeys, the best champagne bottles, wine selection.. you name it!

I'm not much of a foodie.

I don't eat much and the little I eat doesn't have to be amazing in order for me to appreciate it. Breakfast (which was always a feast) aside, I didn't care for the food.

Lunch and dinner could definitely be better.

At 8K a night, I, at the very least expect a decent lasagna. I did not care much for the dry pasta and the meat was a little under-seasoned for my liking.

There was however food in abundance and each meal was three course as promised.

We decided to catch the sunset on a dune after a nature drive.

Gentlemen, if ever there was a time to propose, it would be this one! Seclusion, sun setting over the redness of the dunes and complete privacy.


Riaan made our drive, and our stay altogether a memorable one.

While a one-night stay is more then sufficient, I strongly recommend you book for at least two nights in order to fully enjoy the pod and the perks (e.g activities) which are included in the nightly rate.

The place has a romantic feel, I suggest you experience it with a partner. When you need time away together, perhaps trying for a baby, or just wanting to get closer than you already are. The seclusion is amazing!

What stood out about The Desert Whisper for me?

Extreme privacy, and 5* service.

Would I go back? In a heartbeat.. with a sachet of Aromat this time.

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