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The Desert Grace, dime in the desert.

Majority of my local trips are usually impromptu, and although that sometimes puts me in a tough financial position, the memories are always worth it.

The case was no different with my recent visit to The Desert Grace, Gondwana's latest offering. I had planned to travel Southern Namibia sometime this year so adding it to my repertoire seemed the sensible thing to do. Additionally, I do what I want coz I'm poppin' (Please laugh).

The Desert Grace is like no other Namibian lodge I've been to. In design, and most importantly, quality of service.

What first set it apart?

A pit stop, a kilometer or so from the resort. It is perhaps the most creative thing I've seen done by a Namibian resort. Imagine finding a table, chairs and a solar powered fridge with bottles of cold water on a hill in the middle of the desert? We hadn't even reached the hotel and it had already won.

It felt like the perfect welcome.

The staff was friendly and looked genuinely happy to see us. The complimentary drinks were icy, the interior an intentional pink, and me you ask? Very dressed for the occasion, thank you very much.

I felt at home, this was home now.

Check-in was a smooth 5 minute process, before we made our way to the room however, a tour of the lodge was in order. Something about this tour that makes you feel like you've moved up from regular to VIP status. I was walking around, laughing and pointing, asking questions and getting familiar, living my best tourist life basically.

Personalized service is always a win, always!

Another thing that set them apart was the availability of reliable WiFi for guests. This should be standard, I know, but you would be surprised. Naturally, I was impressed. The only thing I appreciate more than a lodge with stylish interior, is one that understands the importance of stuntin' for the gram.

High ceilings and beautiful bar areas are perhaps my weakness and they got them so right! The bartender knew to recommend the best cocktails and had an ever so friendly smile. The bar also had one of the best sunset views in the resort.

The rooms, I think, were the icing on the cake. Although our room was quite a distance from reception, it was definitely worth the sweat.

We were greeted by a fruity scent as soon as we opened the door. The most impressive thing though? the artwork on the wall. Namibian subjects shot in the Namib desert. I could not stop raving about that!

How do you know the desert is hot? Rooms at The Desert Grace are equipped with both air-con and a fan, that's how. Each room also has a private plunge pool and an outdoor shower for likers of things like myself.

Lunch and dinner worked on a buffet system during our visit but I understand they sometimes offer menus where food is available on order. We only stayed one night and unfortunately missed dinner. We were uhm.. distracted.

Breakfast was all inclusive. A lot of variety and happy staff assisting wherever they can. I had a waffle which I am now realizing I completely forgot to take a picture of, I promise though that it was absolutely delicious.

This trip will stay dear to my heart because they've set the bar on what I now expect from Namibian resorts. Truly the best service I've received from a group of people who seemingly enjoy being of service to their clients.

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