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  • Ndapanda Haininga

Say it with Karibu.

Most women love flowers, and there’s really no complicated science to it. We love them for simple reasons. The way they smell, their ability to light up a room, for the message on the card that comes attached to them.

Sometimes, for what they symbolize, other times because of the gesture, the thought, and more often than not, because of who they are from.

I am one of these women.

The women who smile and let out a shy giggle when they receive flowers at work. The ones who twirl around and happily de-thorn them before placing them in a vase when they are delivered at home.

What's not to love?

There‘s nothing flowers can’t say.

On the good days they say “I love you,”or that “I want to take you out on a date.” Sometimes, simply that you’re beautiful. And on the days you need them to, they will even say “I’m sorry.”

How about "I appreciate you" with a flower cone this Valentines Day?

"I'm so lucky to have you" with a gorgeous flower box come February 14?

"Will you marry me?" with a box of infinity roses that last for up to twelve months. That's right, TWELVE MONTHS!

Make an impression, set yourself apart.

Whatever you're trying to say this Valentine's day, say it with Karibu Flowers!

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