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Omaanda Lodge

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

You don't imagine senselessly browsing through the internet winning you Girlfriend Olympics so early in the year, but that's exactly what happened to me.

Details on the internet browsing are not important.

The how on winning girlfriend Olympics? A visit to one of the most unique lodges I’ve been to in Namibia, Omaanda, and judging by the reaction to the picture I posted to my Instagram earlier this week, you guys agree.

Please believe that the (humble) bragging I'm about to spit out is out of character and that it's happening solely due to my being blown away.

When we arrived at Omaanda Lodge, The General Manager, Steven, was waiting outside to receive us. That was a first. We've never been welcomed this way. We felt valued, we felt important, and we felt wanted.

Steven, (yes guys, first name basis) not only had a drink with us, we chatted a little about the lodge too. It was truly very flattering.

We arrived just in time for lunch, which wasn't the original plan, but things worked out just fine that way. We got lost on our way there because apparently, even Google maps doesn't know everything.

A young vibrant hostess showed us to our table which had an amazing view of both the aesthetically pleasing heated pool and the reserve. Amazing! The check-in form was also handed to us there, I appreciated the efficiency!

I'm not much of a foodie, so my critiquing of food is generally measured against how much I've spent. In this case, quite a bit but worth every penny. Here's why.

The food was delicious.

We had variety.

The chef herself came out to inquire about whether or not we enjoyed our meal.

I always emphasize personalized service because it will never not leave your clients impressed. It just shows you care about their experience and they will come back because of that.

I like to do a little reading on lodges before I visit, and one thing stuck while doing so with Omaanda. The lodge echos Oshiwambo traditional architecture, which means the rooms are huts, crowned by thatch. Fascinating, don't you think?

They got the perfect balance between traditional and modern. Perfect!

Thick thatch roof for the traditional touch and the illusion of high ceilings, and beautiful brown curtains for the huge sliding door for a modern feel.

Air conditioning for the hot summer nights and a fireplace for the colder winter nights.

Walk-in closet to remind you that you're in luxury, and beautiful, brown woody side tables that say you're still in the wild.

I was impressed by that balance.

The overall feel of the interior was very minimal. The most impressive thing? A personal welcome note from the manager is found in your room. Would that not make you feel grand? I'll be honest, I forgot I wasn't important for a bit.

I was so happy that I managed to squeeze in time for a spa session.

I opted for a facial, which I really enjoyed. The beautician, who after we had spoken realized I am a blogger, offered to take pictures of the whole process. I'm very upset I forgot her name because she was a delight!

A couple of things Omaanda got right:

They understand that we are in an aesthetics era. Everything is beautiful, I wanted to take a picture at every corner!

Making clients feel valued. The manager being there to receive us, and to see us off made us feel special. I will never stop talking about that.

A hostess who knows what she’s doing.

Staff is well trained, young and vibrant.

Lastly, the lodge provides even the little things you may have forgotten to pack. That includes needles, a rain coat, even a beard pack for the gentlemen.

Definitely a lodge I vouch for and plan to visit again because for the duration of your stay, the only thing you need to worry about is waking up.

They’ll take it from there.

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