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It doesn’t get better than AM Weinberg.

Updated: May 5, 2019

Traveling, fun and exciting as it is, can be quite exhausting. That’s why it’s equally important to take time out to just relax.

To pop champagne, to get massages, work in some facials while poolside chilling in yellow bikinis with no intention of getting into the water, you know? The way God intended.

No place better serves this this purpose than AM Weinberg estate.

There is no long drive (granted you live in Windhoek), facilities in the estate make for perfect seclusion, and have you seen the place? Modern day garden of Eden with five star service and secure parking.

Nothing could have said "We are happy to have you" better than the box of complimentary chocolates we found on our bed soon after the smoothest check in we've ever experienced. My sister, (who was my travel companion) and I really enjoyed those!

Second to that, reliable WiFi!

Movies could be live streamed, emails were getting prompt responses and blogger business could be handled. In the words of pretty much every millennial right now, I stan.

An unforgivable sin? visiting the estate without squeezing in some spa time.

Spoil yourself, my love. You deserve it.

That facial you've been dreaming about? Get it.

The back issue that's been worrying you? Fix it.

The pedicure you can't go another month without? It's time.

Soulstice Day Spa's got you.

I got a much needed back and shoulder massage because a faulty back is apparently one of the side effects of getting older. Who knew?

Not only is the staff polite and well trained, the spa has beautiful swimming and steam room facilities. Is that not the life you deserve?

The estate also has three restaurants, all of which have wheelchair access.

Olivia's Kitchen for brunch, delicious pastries and great wine selection, Capetown Fish market for seafood and aesthetically pleasing cocktails, and Butcher Block which is an amazing steakhouse for a more mature crowd.

I was looking to experience beautiful sunsets while having sundowners and listening to grown folk music. I found exactly that at the Sky Lounge, and at a much cheaper price than anticipated. I thought I was dreaming when I got the cocktail menu!

The Luxury Villa, which I was fortunate enough to experience, blew me away.

A healthy balance between modern and traditional. It's elegantly and beautifully decorated and has all the space in the world to.. well.. live.

It is Stunning!

Look at this picture? Do I not belong here? I think I belong here.

The Villa has three bedrooms, each with its own stunning bathroom. A beautiful garden, stunning fire place, gorgeous kitchen, lounge, outside sitting and braai area and an infinity pool. Needless to say, leaving AM Weinberg was no easy task.

I like to emphasize that I’m a budget conscious traveler, so it should come as no surprise that my visit to the hotel was courtesy of their Independence special.

My only criticism; The AM Weinberg identifies as a Boutique hotel, because of that, I expected the service to be a little more personal. To be referred to by name, or to have my luggage carried down when it was time to check out. You know, that kind of thing.

Outside of that, my stay was nothing short of perfection.

Would I go back to The AM Weinberg estate?

Tomorrow if I could.

The thing that would take me back?

The guaranteed privacy, seclusion and if we're being honest, no other place offers what AM Weinberg is offering right now, exclusive lifestyle.

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