• Ndapanda Haininga

Go Nomad.

I am many things.

Assertive, witty, stubborn, and on occasion, a little competitive.

What I am not, is lucky.

My invitation to Nomad Spa, is what happens when stars align and things work together for your good.

I arrived at Nomad just in time for my appointment.

I rang the bell, drove in, and received a warm welcome, after which I was led to the beautiful changing room.

It was just me at the time so I obviously took a couple of selfies. You know, for the gram.

Where you would typically change into robes, Nomad has Chitenges, and where staff generally serves you a glass of water, Nomad served traditional Ginger brew.

The drink reminded me of the Oshiwambo traditional brew we make up north, Oshikundu. It was also served in the very same mug! Naturally, this was home now.

I quickly emptied my mug and headed to my first treatment, a full body massage.

Martha was my masseuse.

What I didn’t know? She is visually impaired.

She was kind, communicative and focused on my back, which is my problem area.

I spent a good 40+ minutes enjoying the work of her magic hands before I got to my second treatment, a foot ceremony.

Martha spoke to me. She asked about my day, checked every now and then if I was okay. It made the ceremony personal. I enjoyed that.

Not only was the meal I was fed (at no extra cost) delicious, it was also very Instagram worthy. That's important.

My favourite things about the Spa:

Nomad is a successful business run by a powerhouse, a black woman!

The spa equips visually impaired community with skills that allow them to make a living, its amazing!

It is authentic, in design, treatment journeys and service.

It's almost Valentines day, tell your partner you love them with a massage voucher! Let your cousin know you appreciate him/her with a foot ceremony, its been a long December up north.

For yourself, perhaps that facial you've been postponing? It's time! Because next to diamonds, my love, Nomad should be your best friend.

When you do visit, you get to use Ndapanda20OFF to qualify for 20% discount on all treatments!

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