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Dolomite Camp, NWR's gem.

Dolomite camp is easily one of the most gorgeous NWR resorts my family and I have been to. Beautiful views, stunning chalets, infinity pool and a location that's second to none.

Getting there however, was no easy task.

I was in charge of directions, relying solely on Google maps. I'm the more technologically advanced of the five of us, you see? Me, the girl whose solution to everything is switching the device off then on again.

Naturally, we got lost, twice.

We however managed to put all five of our heads together and eventually made it to our destination, and goodness was it worth it!

my mother affirmatively repossessed the shuttle.

The Camp is not fenced, and is perched on the side of a hill, because of that, guests are not allowed to drive up to the chalets themselves. A shuttle with an experienced driver fetched us from the parking and we made our way to reception.

The driver was the single nicest man I've met at any resort. He was kind and patient, he was helpful, whether with our luggage or simply sharing information. That man does his job and does it well.

Check-in was smooth, we quickly got back onto the shuttle and made our way to the chalets.

Dolomite Camp is eco-friendly, that means the rooms are not air conditioned and the chalets are actually tents. This however, does not take away from your experience.

Although the chalet is not too big, there's more than enough space for more than two people to move around. There's a shower, wardrobe, toilet and kitchen area with a fridge and a coffee station. They also provided the white robes ya girl used to stunt on the gram!

A huge sliding door allows for a cool breeze and the most breathtaking views.

The view from room deck where you can watch as animals roam freely around the park.

For budget conscious travelers, I recommend you carry your own food. The camp works on a buffet system, and those can be quite costly. The drinks were however quite fairly priced and the menu very diverse.

My favourite thing? The infinity pool! My family and I got to witness some of the best sunsets here. I don't have the pictures to prove it, but we've built a strong enough foundation that you guys can trust what I say now, yes?

One thing set Dolomite Camp apart for me.

It is quite rocky and the Camp has many ,many ,many stairs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have some chalets set aside for people in wheelchairs who may not be able to make it up that many stairs. I thought that was amazing!

Service in general was not the best, the lodge could use some improvement on that, I left a note in the suggestion box with some recommendations. The WiFi also only works at reception which I found to be quite inconvenient.

Signage to the Camp was pretty much non existent until we got the the Etosha National Park gate, which was now, uhm, redundant.That is my biggest criticism. There should be better signage.

Here are some tips should you want to visit Dolomite Camp.

  • Please drive early, the distance is quite long.

  • Call the Resort for directions before you drive, there are two routes and one is significantly shorter that the other (Kamanjab route), take that one.

  • I recommend a big car, sedans will make it but not with as much ease.

  • Carry binoculars, you will be able to watch animals from your room.

This trip was special mainly because I got to see my parents genuinely happy and relaxed. They have worked so hard to provide for and raise us, it was nice to see them at ease, with no worries, even for just one weekend.

Have I convinced you to add Dolomite Camp to your Bucket List?

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