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Capetown through the POD Boutique hotel.

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

I was a little broken when our original December plans fell through, but I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons life threw at me and quickly got back on the horse.

Luckily, Capetown never gets old. The beauty of that place always has me in awe!

I decided to see it from within the walls of the amazing POD Boutique Hotel this time. Now, I've done quite well with achieving most of my 2018 goals, but let me tell you, this was my most satisfying. The place is perfect!

I found it on Instagram, can you believe it? It was literally love at first sight.

It was almost as though everything was made to my design. The elegant modern decor, its proximity to the beach, did I mention there's an infinity pool? I'm rambling, but once you read about my experience, you will understand why.

Guys, the service at POD is so personal. The staff knew my name and called me by it as soon as I entered the hotel. Our bags were carried to our room and the car parked for us. Every time we left and came back to the hotel, our car was parked and brought out for us. I was living!

And not just that. Small details I had shared via e-mail during the booking and planning process were remembered. Food allergies, birthdays, partner’s name. That kind of attention to detail was new to me and I was thoroughly impressed.

complimentary drinks as we arrived.

We were welcomed with complimentary drinks and chose to see our room before we could come back and enjoy the pool area.

Hear me when I say, perfection.

Have you ever been to a place and almost couldn’t believe you were there? That was me every time I opened the door to our room. The design was modern, minimal and elegant. Dare I say a dream come true for a cattle herding village champion like myself?

No request was too big for the POD staff, despite the room already having everything you could possibly need. Washing powder, nail file, needle and thread, you naaame it (get it?)

Use the fact that I’m only getting to talking about food now as a measure of how taken I was.

Breakfast was always a feast, and everyone was spoilt for choice. There was Ham, Salami, Bacon, sausage and Polony for the meat lover. A variety of fruits, different flavored muffins, and even Avocado for the demons who enjoy that mess.

They had every kind of drink, some set on the table and others available on order. Again, living.

My love for travel is fairly new so I haven’t been to many hotels yet. I am however ready to deem POD as the best I’ve been to thus far. It is set apart by seemingly simple but important details:

The staff wasn’t stiff (If you eat out often and visit Namibian resorts, you will know what I mean). They showed genuine interest in the conversations we had, they also knew quite a bit about where we are from, that was lovely.

They were always ready to go the extra mile, whether that meant finding a vase tall enough to perfectly fit my sunflowers, or playing photographer for clients.

There is nothing the people at POD didn’t think to provide. Mosquito repellent, tissues, sunblock, hats, a heap of towels, snacks, even menus of nearby restaurants we could order from were provided.

All of this coupled with the perfect view of the famous Camps Bay beach, a stunning view of the mountain and the most delicious cocktails makes for the perfect summer holiday.

POD truly lives up to the name “Boutique Hotel” because up until you leave, you are basically in your elegant home away from home.

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