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5 Namibian lodge specials to not miss!

It's been a bit of a minute, hasn't it?

So much is happening in the world right now, even writing this almost doesn't feel normal.

With the Covid-19 pandemic we are all still fighting, nothing is as it was. One of the hardest hit sectors is the tourism Industry, and to salvage what little they can, lodges have specials running to encourage domestic travel amongst Namibians.

There are currently more specials than one can count, but here is a list of five I think you should consider. I have tried to be as budget inclusive as I could.

  1. Mowani Mountain Camp.

This cozy camp is in Damaraland, some kilos outside Twyfelfontein. Although a sedan may get you through, an off-roader is definitely what I would recommend. The lodge is currently running a N$ 1000 per person per night special rate, inclusive of breakfast and dinner. Mowani Mountain Camp is without a doubt one of the most beautiful lodges in the country. If you can, make that payment and go, today!

2. Desert Hills Lodge.

The Desert Hills Lodge is fairly new, having only opened it's doors in June 2018.

It is a mere 30 kilometres from the Naukluft gate (Sossusvlei), perfect location for Deadvlei visitors. Currently, the lodge has a N$ 750 per person per night offering, inclusive of breakfast and dinner. If Deadvlei is something you've always wanted to experience, this may be the time.

3. Bayview Resort.

The resort is currently charging a rate of N$ 550 per person per night, this is inclusive of bed and breakfast only. It is one of the best accommodations I have experienced in coastal Namibia. It is modern, elegant, faces the beachfront and is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Side bar: Please call to inquire about opening dates, the resort had closed its doors temporarily as a result of Walvisbay reverting to stage one of the lockdown.

4. Ngepi Camp.

I rave about this camp, a lot! It is perfect. The people, the food, the service, did I mention the food? It is perfectly located in Divundu, just some kilos off-road (sedan can get through). A weekend for two right now will cost you below N$ 2000. Imagine? Experience the mighty Kavango through Ngepi. Believe me, you will not regret it.

5. Chobe Water Villas

It's a little tricky with Chobe Water Villas, as the lodge can only be accessed via Botswana. the great thing though, is that one can pay now and travel later. Currently going for 1500 per person per night inclusive of breakfast (to the normal charge of N$ 6000). It don't get better than this, surely?

Should you want to find more specials and experiences of this kind, do not hesitate to contact me on ndapandahaininga@gmail.com for consultation. Alternatively, __ndapanda on Instagram. I also curate trips to your individual design.

Remember to wash your hands, wear your masks and stay home where necessary.

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