Welcome to my blog.

I cannot remember when last I was this nervous, this anxious or this scared about anything.

I've been postponing going live with my blog for many reasons, reasons that, to some, will probably sound silly.

Will people enjoy reading my work? have I done enough research? how much of myself do I share? what if I share too much, or perhaps, don't share enough? Am I interesting enough for this?


Those were (some of) my concerns, that's how nervous I've been, yet here we are, despite the fear, despite the nerves, we find ourselves live on my blog! Shall we say that again? We are live on my blog guys!


Welcome, and thank you for reading. 

 My blog is personal, its intimate. I want it to be a breath of fresh air, a Sunday afternoon nap if you will. let it be the thing you and boo look forward to indulging in and bonding over on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Join me on my journey as I travel my country and beyond, experience life and love and share some of that and my struggles as a young black woman in corporate Namibia with you.